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Utah law requires that ALL PROPERTIES are asse
Only select properties in Summit County, UT got major increases,  Over 10,000 properties flew under the Assessor's radar and received NO change to assessed value.  They don't pay their fair share, causing those with accurate assessments to pay more than they should!  This is illegal by state law!
Did your assessed value go up significantly?  You have been singled out. You will pay more than your share because over 10,000 properties were skipped over, and over 14,000 properties received tax bill decreases!
Appealing  your assessment is an option, but it shifts the burden of proof to you and does not address the underassessment problem.  ALL properties are required be assessed fairly and equitably each year!  U.C.A. §59-1-210(7).
This unfair, illegal treatment hurts low income families the most.  Our elected officials talk about being in favor of low income housing while allowing those same properties to be overly taxed.
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