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Summit County, UT is a net zero tax county.  This means that only a fixed amount of total property taxes are collected and all properties contribute pro-rata based on their assessed value. Every property whose assessed value is too low pays less than their fair share of taxes.

Over 10,000 assessed values are far below Fair Market Value (FMV) and have been for yearsThese properties do not pay their fair share, making thousands of tax bills unnecessarily high.  This especially hurts low income properties that are assessed near actual FMV, as they pay more in taxes than they should, further adding financial hardship.  

Assuming your Assessed Value is currently at or near Fair Market Value, your taxes would be lower if all properties in the county were accurately valued.  In today's technology era, there is no reason for all properties not being accurately valued. The assessor claims that she doesn't have the necessary resources to review all properties.  One option would be to not raise any values unless all values are accurate.  The total tax collected would be the same.

All tax records can be obtained on the Summit County Website. You'll need to search and dig a bit, but it is all there - use the "More Info" link on any parcel.  The website and links were working as of 8-3-22.   

MANY properties received lower tax notices for 2022 than they had in 2021 (or 2020).  How can this be possible?  It's because your Assessed Value and tax bill went up and their Assessed Value likely had a small percentage increase or remained the same.  How can this be fair in this market?

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